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Special Education


Rusk County Special Education Shared Services Arrangement (RCSESSA)
121 N. Marshall St., Suite 102
Henderson, Texas 75652
Phone:          903-657-9761
Fax:              903-655-0378


Director of Special Education:      Cindy Smith, M. Ed.                                                  c.smith@suddenlinkmail.com


Special Services Faculty and Staff:

            Position                                                                              Name                               email 

            PPCD/Elementary Life Skills/Elementary Resource:                  Heather Kirk                   kirkh@tatumisd.org

            Elementary Resource:                                                       Beth Lee                          

            Middle School Resource:                                                    Shirley Harris                  harriss@tatumisd.org

            High School Resource:                                                      Mandy Rogers                  rogersm@tatumisd.org

            Secondary Life Skills:


Rusk County Special Education SSA Personnel:

            Position                                                                              Name                               email

            Educational Diagnostician                                                  Cindy Belcher                    c.belcher@suddenlinkmail.com     

            Educational Diagnostician                                                  Misty Taylor                      m.j.taylor@suddenlinkmail.com

            Licensed Specialist in School Psychology                               Terri Dickson                     t.dickson@suddenlinkmail.com

            Special Education Counselor                                               Terri Dickson                     t.dickson@suddenlinkmail.com

            Speech/Language Pathologist                                             Jenny Johnson                   jenny.johnson@suddenlinkmail.com

            Speech/Language Pathologist—CFY                                      Erin Scarber                      erin.scarber@suddenlinkmail.com

            Occupational Therapist                                                      Heather Lindsey                 heather.lindsey@suddenlinkmail.com

            Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant                                Stacy Youngblood              stacy.youngblood@suddenlinkmail.com

            Physical Therapist                                                             Dr. Karyn Hill                   karynhill@hotmail.com

            Teacher of the Hearing Impaired                                          Longview Regional


Day School Program for the Deaf

            Teacher of the Visually Impaired                                        Edwina Wilks                     Ekwilks@yahoo.com

            Orientation and Mobility Specialist                                      Edwina Wilks                     Ekwilks@yahoo.com

            Transition Services/Employment Designee                            Dr. Karyn Hill                     karynhill@hotmail.com

            Data Entry Clerk/Records Clerk/ PEIMS/SHARS                      Linda Murphy                    l.murphy@suddenlinkmail.com

            Administrative Assistant                                                   Kathy Gray                       k.gray@suddenlinkmail.com