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Topic Department Phone
Beth Green Secretary to Maintenance & Transportation 903-947-6482 x0307
Bob Garcia Director of Maintenance & Transportation 903-947-6482 x0307
Brandon Milam Business Manager 903-947-6482 x0166
Danin Turner Payroll & Benefits Clerk 903-947-6482 x0164
Dena Sloan Secretary to Superintendent 903-947-6482 x0161
Dr. J.P. RIchardson Superintendent of Schools 903-947-6482 x0161
Drenon Fite Asst. Superintendent of Human Resources and Community Relations 903-947-6482 x0167
Jennifer Malone Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Federal Programs 903-947-6482 x0167
Kathy Baumgardner Primary Principal 903-947-6482 x0201
Kathy Goodwyn Director of Food Services 903-947-6482 x0316
Kelly Sorenson Elementary Principal 903-947-6482 x0352
Kevin Smith Middle School Principal 903-947-6482 x0302
Matthew Quick High School Principal 903-947-6482 x0101
Michelle Young Secretary to Directors 903-947-6482 x0167
Pam Turnage Accounts Payable Clerk 903-947-6482 x0165
Wes Boyd Director of Technology 903-947-6482