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About TISD


Tatum Independent School District is located in East Texas and boasts the 2nd largest school district in Rusk County. Tatum is a wonderful community that is home to grades K-12 with 1720 students on 4 campuses. The district competes athletically and academically in Conference 4A, and both the school district and community are proud supporters of the MIGHTY TATUM EAGLES!




“Where Every Student Is Special”



Excellence for All”



“The mission of the Tatum Independent school district is to produce graduates, each having attained high levels of academic achievement, a respect for all people and a belief in their own ability to be successful in a rapidly changing world.”



We believe:

·         All children can learn

·         Each person needs to feel valued and successful

·         Success is an individualized concept

·         Schools are the center of our community, and the community is the foundation of our schools

·         We are responsible for providing a safe, secure environment for all children

·         Success is driven by strong relationships, high expectations, discipline, and a sense of responsibility to oneself and others